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"Everbody told me that GOR is a "must see", and it really is!  Everything is so beautiful and my trip was even better with Outback Billy.  He is an incredible guide, he knows a lot, he is funny and patient!.  Don't hesitate to book a tour with him!"    Mariella, Chile

Our Guides:

He has lived down the Great Ocean Road region and grew up surfing, camping and in nature.  He can share many stories and give you a true blue Australian experience of the Great Ocean Road and and beyond. 

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"Amazing!  Best tour I have ever been on!" (Sandra, Sweden)

"This trip is perfect if you want to meet people and go on an adventure along the ocean road"

"Amazing tour, completely different from what you can usually find."

"(Aussie Bloke) Scott is the best tour guide and driver I have ever encountered." (Rosamund, Singapore)

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Holistic Hiker has been taking 3-7 day Great Ocean Walks.  She can take you throught meditation or yoga and specialises in life renewal and well being.  She is an experienced surfer, sailor and nature person.  Experience the Great Ocean Road and come back with that feeling of happy renewal and wonder.

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Outback Billy 

Who will take your tour and which company?

Aussie Bloke

Your guide, "Outback Billy" has taken more than 350 Great Ocean Road tours.  He has taken people from more than 70 countries down the Great Ocean Road.  He has driven more than 150,000km just on Great Ocean Road tours alone!  He says he "knows it like the back of his hand".  He has led more than 500 tours across 5 states and territories of Australia and has been tour guiding for 15 years.  He has previously lived down the Great Ocean Road.  He loves animals, nature and the Great Ocean Road.  He may be able to dig you out an echidna, or spot a (kanga)roo for you and he will find koalas.  He is a qualified zoologist, qualified English teacher, and a very experienced outdoor leader.  He is also a story teller.  He will bring the road, the nature and your group to life for a wonderful tour in a very special place.  Don't just visit the Great Ocen Road but explore it, swim it, taste it and share a journey with family or friends  that will stay with you for a life time.  It is all about you and a celebration of life!

Each guide takes their tour in their own tour company name.  Our tour guides are working for their dreams each time they go out.  Guides have the opportunity to grow their own company and in time they will have the opportunity to own their own business.  Outback Billy is giving the next generation of guides the chance to chase their dreams.  It is a little different to other tour companies but then we didn't get to number one by offering more of the same.  For those who wish to write a review on Trip Advisor you will be able to write a review on their own unique listing.  So we do operate a code share arrangement with all three tour companies.  The itinerary is the same,  If you are after a particular guide you are welcome to email us to enquire who is taking a particular day.  While Outback Billy is the established guide, all guides are hand picked and experienced and great at what we do.  We are confident over time that all of our guides can have many outstanding reviews.

Holistic Hiker

Sanctuary Kate 

Sanctuary Kate has taken Great Ocean Road tours over several years for different tour companies and has recently joined the Outback Billy team.  She is an artist, a naturalist and has a deep passion for this area.  The future dream is to open a Sanctuary for animals and artists in the Great Ocean Road region.

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Woop Woop Kelly

Kelly grew up on a cattle station in outback Australia.  His farm is literally larger than Singapore.  About 10 people stayed on his property.  Comprehend that my Singaporean friends!.  We are thrilled he has wandered into the big smoke of Melbourne.  He is a cattleman, shearer, a gold prospector and a tour guide.  He is a top bloke and we reckon you are going to love him.

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